James Bond: Daniel Craig’s 10 Coolest Outfits As 007 (& Why You Should Rock Them)


Since the release of Dr. No in 1962, James Bond has been portrayed by several well-known actors in Hollywood, sporting some of the most stylish outfits for some daring missions.
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Whether it’s a classic black and white tuxedo for a high stakes poker game or an elegant double-breasted jacket for a meeting with Q, his closet selection never fails. With the upcoming release of the new James Bond Film, No Time to Die, here are Daniel Craig’s 10 Coolest Outfits as 007 (& Why You Should Rock Them).

10 Steel Grey Suit (Skyfall)
Sometimes movies carry a color aesthetic that directors stick by, Skyfall is no exception. This steel grey suit from the third installment of the series blends perfectly with the classic 1964 Aston Martin. Not only does this match with the car but an aging Bond as well, whose complicated life as a secret agent has left scars and devoid him of emotion and color. The signature grey suit has become a mainstay of previous Bonds as well, becoming a fan favorite over the years. Perfect for perilous missions on atop a high-speed train but also slow and busy days at the office, yes, even Bond has to file some paperwork now and then.

9 Black Polo (Casino Royale)
Who said Polo’s are out of style? This simple yet elegant navy polo complemented by some tan khakis is a must for beach vacations. This is also the first time Bond has donned a polo shirt since Thunderball, Sean Connery rocked it just as well as Craig.
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There’s beauty in simplicity, and Bond proves it with this easy one-dimensional shirt. Tight suits and tuxedos are usual for Bond but having just stopped a bomb threat in an airport this was probably the comfiest and easiest option in his suitcase.

8 Black Tuxedo (Casino Royale)
The first installment with Daniel Craig brought a new face to the familiar dinner jackets and suits. His first appearance breathed new life into the usual matured and charming 007 with the black tuxedo worn at the high stakes poker game at Casino Royale. Vespa was right in her assertion that Bond needed to look like a man who belongs at the high stakes poker table, and his outfit didn’t disappoint. There’s beauty in simplicity, and Daniel Craig proves it so with his choice for the evening. Corporate events, poker games, or even weddings, a black tux is a must in every guy’s closet.

7 Tan Suit (Spectre)
Summer means warm weather, beachwear, sunglasses and best of all, tan jackets and white shirts that bloom in the sunshine. Bond practically mirrors and blends in with the Moroccan setting, taking a break from the traditional darker colored suits.
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Aside from traveling around the world with Bond he gives great advice on how to rock all sorts of colors for every occasion. Instead of a trip to Brooks Brothers just cue up the latest Bond installment for a lesson on fashion for your next job interview or corporate Christmas party.

6 Blue Pea Coat (Skyfall)
Winter weather and woes call for the warmest of coat selections, one that complements your stature and matches your pants and shoes. The blue pea coat from Quantum of Solace is one of Daniel Craig’s best winter outfits the series has seen. Pop the collar and tie up the scarf for this look along with some black or navy blue leather gloves. Timeless is the word best associated with this outfit as peat coats are a symbol of cold weather and make for a great jacket for the morning and afternoon commute.

5 Black Shawl Cardigan (Quantum Of Solace)
Bond’s closet isn’t limited to just tuxedos and fancy dinner jackets, the occasional sweater makes an appearance in Daniel Craig’s iteration of 007. However, the black shawl cardigan beats them all, matched with some sunglasses by Tom Ford. Save yourself the hassle of wearing a sport coat all day and throw this comfy button-down sweater of your shirt. Perfect for the cold winter season and the occasional boat ride to an accomplishes villa in Southern Tuscany.

4 Winter Bomber Jacket (Spectre)
Tom Ford strikes again with this knitted winter weather bomber jacket. Bond puts aside flair in exchange for mobility and fits with this all-black outfit against a white backdrop of snow. Cool, calm and collected is Bond with this outfit with no extra space, fitted perfectly to his body.
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Daniel Craig has proven once again the superiority of black monochrome outfits for dangerous missions. No matter the For Fall and Winter weather, bomber jackets offer a stylish alternative to your North Face or Patagonia jackets and sweaters.

3 Green Suit (Skyfall)
At first glance, you may not see the green color imbued in the thread, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see the hue stitched masterfully into it. Skyfall brought Bond home into the picture, a last stand of sorts for M and 007 against the vengeful Silva, whose motives are arguably justifiable. The dark green suit offers a window into a color scheme yet to be explored by Bond, matching well with the green aesthetic of the Scottish Highlands. Bond’s childhood home plays well off the suit and offers a return to the roots color scheme for his noble beginnings as an agent in the making.

2 Sportsman Jacket (Skyfall)
Despite only making a brief appearance, the sports jacket outfit from Skyfall offers a rare glimpse of Bond in his natural home setting. Accompanied by the late Albert Finney, Bond embodies the threads of his homeland along with the double-barrel shotgun, whose accuracy lives up to its reputation. The sports jacket is versatile in its ability to be worn for a casual look with the collar up and one more formal with the collar pulled down.

1 White Tuxedo (Spectre)
The black and white tuxedo from Spectre is one of the most iconic outfits 007 has worn. Paying homage to Sean Connery’s portrayal with the same suit from Dr. No, this tuxedo is a perfect blend of old with new. Poker games, secret fortress break-ins, and vodka martinis, this tuxedo embodies the attitude and persona of Bond fans who have come to love over the years. The design has become so iconic that designers like Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, and Tom Ford (who is responsible for many of Bond’s outfits) have made this into a mainstay of their tuxedo and suit collections.
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