The Office: 10 Hilarious Dwight Schrute Memes Only True Fans Will Understand


The hit mockumentary sitcom The Office was inspired by a British office sitcom of the same name, starring Steve Carrell, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Mindy Kaling, and more. Over the course of many years, it showed the downtrodden office workers of Dunder Mifflin slowly become their best selves and realize their dreams.
Well, kind of. At the very least, we get Dwight K. Schrute (Rainn Wilson), the top salesman who also farms beets and hides survival gear and weapons all over the office. He is truly one of a kind, and having your desk near his means no end of adventures. So, here are ten memes about him to show what Dwight Schrute is really made of!
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10 Don’t Let The Machines Win
More than one piece of science fiction warned of the dark side of computers and technology. Today’s machine is tomorrow’s mechanical overlord, and Dwight has taken this warning quite seriously. Sure, he can operate a PC, but he’s still wary of it.
He’s also pretty down to earth, especially since he’s a farmer, so he knows that old-fashioned technology can save the day. No computer will ever plug into a paper diary and upload a virus or anything. A victory for the stone age!

9 Summed Up
Pictured is Jim (John Krasinski), who just loves to spice up office life with some great pranks. He and Dwight often clash, and so, one day, Jim arrived as a fine copy of his rival salesman. According to him, the outfit was incredibly cheap to assemble.
On top of that, Jim opted for what he considered Dwight’s big three, and with some alliteration to make it catchy! When you’ve got vegetables, mammals, and science fiction television all lined up, you’ve nestled right into Dwight’s life.

8 Testing The Waters
What’s hilarious about this pragmatic quote is that Dwight does not always follow his own advice! Often, he launches right into a bizarre scheme or project, and it totally gets out of hand. For example, that time he kept trading items at an office-wide garage sale to buy “magic beans.”
Still, given how tough and practical Dwight can be, we imagine that he follows this advice when it comes to office work or making sales calls in person. It seems to work since he’s got a stellar performance record to boast about. He does all the right things, and none of the wrong ones!
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7 Who Is On My Side?
The funny thing is, Dwight hardly has any reason to be wary of Jim or antagonize him this much. That rivalry is almost entirely in Dwight’s head, and Jim only retaliates because Dwight keeps the idea alive.
So, Dwight starts with the basic premise: Jim is his mortal enemy! But alas, Jim seems to be self-sabotaging, and Dwight can make friends with that side of him to take down the main Jim! But, if they blend together, Dwight is back where he started… it’s a total headache, and Dwight is getting out of control here. Just make peace with your neighbors already!

6 Too Intense
Just what does Dwight think about all day? Whatever methods he uses to make all those sales calls and move paper, they’re bound to be nuts, and we’d rather not know what they are! Other times, he’s musing about making beet sales or how to handle his cousin, Mose.
And that’s not all. Dwight has a thousand schemes in his head, it seems, and he’s like a villain in the making. Michael Scott doesn’t realize what he would get himself into if Dwight took him too seriously! In no time, Dwight would become manager and Michael would end up the court jester.
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5 Binge It Again?
It’s been a long day, and you just want to relax in front of the TV and pass the quiet evening. So, what’s up next on your queue? Of course, the newest and hottest shows are a fine idea, and they’re bound to be a fun watch…
Scratch that! The Office reigns supreme—at least if you ask some fans, and they’ll never get tired of this beloved show. Even if you can quote entire scenes as you watch them… it’s time to begin the adventure again!

4 Worth A Thousand Words
Hey, where’s the text on this meme? What’s going on here? Sometimes, a picture is so emblematic of a character or a show, no words are needed! A picture is worth a thousand of them, and that applies to Dwight, too.
This is from one of the opening credits scenes, and it’s just so Dwight no matter how you slice it. Instead of making a sale, he’s applying a blowtorch to the office door handle like it’s no big deal. His serious face just makes it all the more hysterical, and he’s convinced that this is the right call. Welcome to the office!
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3 See Ya
Dwight is a tricky one. Sometimes, he’s oddly gullible, and, more than once, a prank or joke was taken at face value. Dwight once waited for hours on the rooftop, waiting for a top-secret helicopter to take him away (it was all in his head). Another time, he was 99% sure that a Benjamin Franklin actor was not the real thing. Ninety-nine percent.
Other times, though, he’s the one tricking you! Dwight is a good actor at times, and he put on a good show when claiming that Jim’s departure left a huge hole in his heart. But no! At least for now, Dwight is perfectly happy to see Jim go. All is well in Dwight Land!

2 Found it!
Well, that just figures, doesn’t it? Everyone at the office knows that Dwight is always coming up with insane schemes to get ahead or ruin his enemies, and it’s easy to say that he’s got some “diabolical plan” in the works.
But Ryan (B. J. Novak) is on to him! What’s that in his hand? A hard copy of said diabolical plan, and with an ironically plain front cover. Now the question is whether you report this to the boss, blackmail Dwight, or join the plan yourself!

1 Him Or Me!
Is that… are we seeing two Jims?! That can’t be right! Just as Jim dressed up as a faux Dwight, Mr. Schrute returned the favor as his mortal enemy, acting pretentious about his youthful looks and skater attitude.
Sometimes, the internet teases you with a comparison of you vs some other guy who’s 100% a rival for that girl’s attention. But, in this meme… which is which?! Normally, you’re the goofy one and the other guy is hot stuff. But here, it’s ambiguous if they’re going for irony or… well, with these two, who knows.
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